DMS Sp. z o.o. company provides services ranging from auditing financial statements, bookkeeping, payroll and HR management, organisational, tax, legal and financial consulting services to IT technology application in accounting organisation.


Reliable bookkeeping is fundamental for any business. Frequent changes in legal regulations regarding taxes or requirements related to the application of various accounting standards, advanced IT solutions – they all require specialised knowledge.


We offer outsourced accounting services, covering the following areas:

Current service of accounting records

Depending on the needs of our Customers, we offer comprehensive accounting services, as well as the performance of tasks specified in the order. The scope of services provided by DMS includes in particular

  • Opening of accounting books as of the day of starting operations and setting up the corporate chart of accounts
  • Correction of possible accounting arrears
  • Ongoing recording of business transactions
  • Drawing up of monthly settlements and CIT-2 and VAT-7 tax statements
  • Drawing up of VAT purchase and sales records
  • Handling fixed asset records and calculation of depreciation write-downs
  • Periodical drawing up of statistical reports as required by the Central Statistical Office and the National Bank of Poland
  • Drawing up a fiscal year closing balance sheet and a profit and loss account, preparing notes, reconciliation of liabilities and receivables balances, drawing up of annual income statements [CIT-8]
  • Drawing up reports for the Management Board, the Supervisory Board, shareholders, related parties, including foreign
  • Accounting consultancy on the correct documentation of business transactions,
  • Drawing up of a corporate chart of accounts customised to meet the needs of the unit

We thoroughly analyse all documents, if non-compliances or amendments of in tax regulations are detected, we provide proper information to a designated employee.


Service of revenue and expense ledgers

  • Ongoing recording of business transactions
  • Checking documents for formal and accounting defects
  • Handling fixed asset and equipment accounts
  • Drawing up applications on social and health insurance for taxpayers and employees covered by these obligations
  • Drawing up payrolls, invoices to contract of mandate and contract for a specific work as well as tax and insurance statements
  • Drawing up monthly PIT-5 income tax statements, insurance statements and VAT statements [VAT-7]
  • Tax and accounting consultancy
  • Co-participation and providing explanations before tax audit authorities

HR and payroll services

DMS offers complex HR and payroll services assuring confidentiality of remuneration and correctness of payrolls. Our offer includes in particular:

  • Drawing up monthly payrolls for employees hired under employment contracts
  • Drawing up monthly personal income tax for employees hired by the Employer and transferring advance personal taxes
  • Calculation of monthly social and health insurance premiums and drawing up of relevant statements and sending them electronically to the Social Insurance Institution, as well as transferring premiums to the Institution’s account
  • At the end of each calendar year, drawing up the following:
    • Breakdown of social and health insurance premiums paid,
    • Printouts of annual files of all employees,
    • Statement on incomes earned by employees and advance tax [PIT-11]
  • Payroll accounting
  • Remuneration calculation
  • Handling HR and employee issues
  • Recruitment

Takeover of Chief Accounting Officer function

We are prepared to exercise supervision over the accounting employees in your company, thus taking on the responsibility of the Chief Accounting Officer. Many years of experience in contacts with businesses of various different legal structures (commercial law companies, civil-law partnerships, associations) have helped us gain expertise in the organisation of corporate accounting. Our accounting consultancy services include:

  • Organisation of accounting activities and internal control in the company (drawing up, modification and implementation of the chart of accounts, development of internal audit procedures, cash handling instructions)
  • Development of accounting policy to be adopted in the company
  • Cooperation during the selection and implementation of financial and accounting software
  • Budgeting and management accounting


We draw up any type of financial statements and reports, in line with your expectations, following the provided templates or using our own.


Depending on your needs, we prepare financial analyses supporting the decision making process in the company. This may include sales analyses, detailed cost and financial liquidity analyses, calculations of vital financial ratios with interpretation and breakdowns on accounting data.


International Accounting Standards

We are prepared to provide services to companies with foreign capital that often adopt uniform International Financial Reporting Standards, management accounting standards, reporting standards and data preparation deadlines. We will perform these tasks in a professional manner.



The core business of DMS Sp. z o.o. is the audit of financial statements.

These services are rendered by experienced auditors who have worked for the largest auditing companies. Audit services include:

Audit of individual and consolidated financial statements, in line with:

  • the Accounting Act,
  • the International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRS),
  • Provision of services to companies to be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange,
  • Review of financial statements,
  • Transformation of financial statements in line with the requirements of the International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRS),
  • Audit of consolidation packages,
  • Drawing up consolidation packages.


The tax law binding in Poland is constantly changing and subject to various interpretations, which can affect the security of business operations. The knowledge and expertise of specialists employed by DMS Sp. z o.o. or cooperating with the company helps us offer you a wide range of services:

  • Tax audits
  • Transfer price fixing
  • Tax optimisation of restructuring processes


The experience gained by our specialists during their work in reputable consulting and auditing companies and during implementation of projects for enterprises operating in various sectors, helps us offer our customers financial and economic consulting services.

We offer cooperation with the following projects:

  • due diligence
  • consulting services regarding mergers, spin-offs and transformations
  • consulting and supervision over IAS/IFRS implementation
  • economic and financial analyses
  • drawing up business plans and investment feasibility assessments


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